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Jablonski Business Diversity Discovering multiple ways to your business success.
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jbd has signed and supports
the German Diversity Charter
Vielfalt ist mehr als nur bunt. Business Diversity.

Our approach: not just Diversity –

Of the wide range of major challenges facing you and your business, some can be dealt with using Diversity Management Concepts. Others require supplementary approaches, maybe even a completely fresh take on the matter.

That's why we offer Diversity Management Consulting
- and a lot more
: Change Management, Leadership Development and Coaching. This is, what we call "BUSINESS DIVERSITY".

For more on business diversity and what we understand this approach to be, see Company.

Diversity Matters!
We know intuitively that diversity matters and we know the meaning of Diversity for the business┬┤ success for companies. Again this has been described by a research from McKinsey.
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Our team is looking forward to the first Diversity Day in Germany on 11th June 2013

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Discovering potential(s)
Companies have still room for improvement on recruiting diverse candidates
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No question of age
Win-win situation: Companies can profit from the employees' career plans.
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Donations instead of cards
Take the chance to thank our business partners and friends who accompanied and supported us throughout the whole year
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